Pride Flags - Over 20 Designs

Flags are available in a range of different style combinations such as rainbow, transgender, asexual, etc.

Various flag types are available as listed below. Note that not every flag type is available for all colour style combinations.

5ft x 3ft flag. Our most popular selling flag printed on polyester. Two metal grommets on side. Display quality.

3ft x 2ft flag. Smaller version of the flag above when space is limited. Display quality.

8ft x 5ft flag. Giant flag made from stitched pieces of fabric, so is suitable for flying from flagpoles.

Windsock. A 60" long windsock with a tube and long tails.

18" x 12" handflag. Printed polyester flag on a stick.

9" x 6" handflag. Smaller printed polyester flag on a stick.

Car flag. Printed 16" x 10" polyester flag on a plastic fitting designed to go in the car side window.

6m bunting. A 6 metre length of bunting with 20 6"x9" flags.

20m bunting. A 20 metre length of bunting with 32 18"x12" FLAGS.