World Dog Shows 2011 to 2023

We are proud to have supplied clothing and accessories for many World and European Dog Shows in the past.

Shown here are various WDS logos that we still have on file and can still be ordered.

All of the clothing and accessory items shown below can have the WDS logo of your choice added to them (there may be a few exceptions in what is available).

In addition to your chosen WDS logo, a line of personalised lettering can also be added to the logo.

The backs of most clothing items can also be personalised with either a colour paw (red, white, black, navy, green, hot-pink) OR a country flag paw (e.g. UK, Australia, Spain, Wales, China, USA, etc.). We have a country flag paw for EVERY country in the world.

If you would like a logo and a clothing website set up for your own event or club, please contact us:

Please note that these goods are produced in the UK and the prices shown do not include VAT. If the goods are exported outside of the UK, VAT will not be added, but you may be liable for local import taxes.