Henley Rowing

Our Henley Rowing range is divided into two sections:

1. Henley Rowing Collection - Embroidered Logo and Personalisation.

This large range features an embroidered logo on all of the items. There is the choice of the 'retro' logo as shown at the top on the left, or the '2019' logo as shown at the bottom.

Many of the items can also be personalised with a large 'Crossed Oars' logo, your country flag and name, and your team name.

2. HR Regatta Collection.

This range features the Henley Rowing logo for the current year on the front of the garments. The back is printed with a list of all the competing teams taking part in this year's main regatta at Henley. This range will not be available until the actual event itself.

Team Uniforms

If you are ordering a team uniform with at least 6 items (can be mixed sizes but must all be the same colour), you are entitled to a substantial team discount. Please contact us with your exact requirements, and we shall come back to you with a quote. rowing@worldleisurewear.com