Royal Engineer Yacht Club

There is a choice of three logos for the REYC as follows, so please choose carefully:

1. REYC Burgee (REYC0045)
2. Royal Engineer Offshore Racing (RE0045OR)
3. Royal Engineer Dinghy Team (RE0045DT)

Most of the items can be personalised with a boat name and sail number added under the logo of your choice.

The backs of most garments can also have up to 3 lines of large printed lettering added if required.


Please note that if you require 6 or more of the same item, you are entitled to a minimum 25% crew discount. These can be mixed sizes but must all be the same colour.

Email us your exact requirements and we shall come back to you with a quote:


For more details about the REYC, go to the following link: